Press conference

H2 Bike® in action

The future has begun.
The first hydrogen bike in the Czech Republic is from Ostrava!!!

Ostrava, February 14th 2023 – The first Czech hydrogen bike H2 Bike® 01P was premiered by the president of H2 Global Group, David Maršálek, on the premises MSIC – Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center. A completely new project was created in the division of the company H2 Medical Technologies, which deals with highly innovative products based on molecular hydrogen in the field of healthcare and spa.

„Being the first is inherent to us at H2 Global Group. We are always striving for innovation and a flexible approach to new technologies. Sustainable mobility is a big social issue and we are happy to contribute a little bit to this new area,” says company president David Maršálek about the first hydrogen bike in the Czech Republic.

The idea of building your own hydrogen bike on the premises MSIC in Ostrava arose very spontaneously. „Although our hydrogen engineers are busy researching and developing new devices for H2 Medical Technologies, we thought we'd try a new project - build our own hydrogen bike, the first in the Czech Republic, which would fit perfectly into our global project H2 City® – hydrogen city. At the end of 2022, we therefore approached suppliers of various parts and solutions. We did not invent what is invented, but added our innovative approach. This is how the prototype of the first hydrogen bicycle was created H2 Bike® 01P,“ David Maršálek completes the journey from idea to own product.

Although this may seem like the music of the future, President David Maršálek has a vision with clear outlines: „We are used to being flexible and going into everything very determinedly, so this year this system could be ready and the first wheels run right here in MSIC, which is Ostrava's technological pioneer and I'm not afraid to say the Czech Silicon Valley. I am grateful that we have the support and background of such a partner as the director MSIC Mr Pavel Csank, who with his team supports and creates a creative environment for companies like ours, thus setting an example for the whole country.”


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